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News Date13 Sep 2014
News ItemE-Mail Forwarding is stopping!

Unfortunately, we have to stop forwarding e-mail to free/personal e-mail accounts (e.g. forwarding to

The problem

This is because there is an ever increasing amount of spam mail being sent around the internet causing lots of spam to be sent to our customer’s accounts.

As all the email (good email and spam) is forwarded from us to our customers email providers such as hotmail (, Gmail, btinternet etc, these email providers see lots of spam coming from our server. Unfortunately, this results in our server being black-listed as a spam server by these providers and we are having an increasingly difficult time clearing our server from these black-lists.

Why are you doing this?

Some of our customers have noticed that on certain occasions some email cannot be sent to certain email addresses (e.g. hotmail) or that they have not received an email due to our server being blocked. This problem will only increase as the spam problem increases.

The solution

Although we have to stop e-mail forwarding due to the reasons above, many providers allow e-mail to be collected from other accounts. The result of this is that email can still be collected directly by our customers personal email accounts (e.g. hotmail, live, Gmail etc) without it having to be forwarded.

Essentially, the difference is that our customers email account will collect e-mail from our server rather than our server pushing the email to them. Sending emails will not change as this is not affected.

How do I continue to receive email from personal e-mail account (e.g. hotmail, live, Gmail)

In all cases, you will need to obtain a password for your email account from us to allow external providers or systems to collect your e-mail, please contact us to obtain this.

We have been testing solutions for both hotmail (live, and Gmail and have provided step-by-step guides to implement this changeover. (The links to the guides are at the bottom of this page)

If you use alternate providers to hotmail or Gmail e.g., etc, you will need to contact your provider to see if this feature is available to you.

We will of course help where we can.

If your provider does not provide ‘collection of email from other e-mail ‘pop’ accounts’, please contact us and we will discuss the various options for you to send and receive your e-mails from your website domain (e.g.

We are still proving our full host of e-mail services included in your service provision, we simply have to adapt to how your e-mail is collected. Sending e-mails is not affected by any of these changes.

When will this change occur?

We will be contacting all of our affected customers over the coming weeks to arrange and help with any transition requirements. All mail forwarding will cease on Monday 6th October 2014.

If your e-mail is currently forwarded from our server and changes have not been made, you will no longer receive e-mail!

We apologise for the inconvenience that this creates in having to deal with this, unfortunately, this is something that has to be done to allow all of our customers to receive e-mail in a reliable manner.

Click Here for a Step-by-Step guide to changing Gmail accounts

Click Here for a Step-by-Step guide to changing Hotmail/Live/ accounts

You can download these guides as PDF documents by clicking the options below:
Collecting your email from Gmail
Collecting your email from Hotmail

Further information regarding the problem.

There is lots of information on-line regarding the problems of forwarding e-mail, a more detailed explanation can be read at:
(This link is not affiliated with Bodwebs in any way; we simply found it a useful explanation)

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