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We have tried to list the most commonly asked questions in this section. If you cannot find the answer to your question or you are unsure of anything, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Q : Are there any hidden costs?
A : No

Q : Can I have any website (domain name) ?
A : You can have any domain name as long as somebody else does not already own it, we can check this for you.
Included in our prices we will supply any available domain that ends in .UK (e.g. You can of course have any ending domain name you wish, but we may need to charge a surcharge due to registration costs.

Q : I already have a domain name, can I keep this to use on your system?
A : Yes

Q : I already have a website, can I move this to your system?
A Yes, you can either do this yourself or we can quote a one off charge for this migration.

Q : Do I have to use your menu system or can I use my own?
A : You can use either. Simply add your own menu system to either your page content or page template.

Q : Do I get FTP access to upload my files and pictures?
A : Our system has an inbuilt upload section, where you can upload and organise your files into folders, meaning you do not need FTP or FTP software.

Q : Do I need to buy any software to use your system?
A : No, the entire system is runs directly from your Internet browser (e.g. internet explorer). With regards to e-mail, both Windows and Mac computers come supplied with e-mail software, which you can use for your e-mail. Alternatively, you can use our supplied webmail (similar to hotmail)

Q : I have purchased just hosting, can I get help building my website?
A : Yes, our control panel includes help on the section you are currently using. We also have beginners guides and step by step help on our website. You will some basic html knowledge to setup your website templates and configuration settings.

Q : Do I need to know any web coding language to write my site?
A : If we have designed and created your site for you, then no, as you can add and update pages without any need for this. We have already configured your control panel for you.
If you are writing your own site, then you will need a basic knowledge to build your initial templates. If you would like us to build the initial templates, please contact us for an ad-hoc quote.

Q : Is there a limit to the number of pages I can have on my website?
A : No. Our control panel supports up to three tiers of menus, you can have as many pages as you wish on these. The only limit on this is all of your pages and files should not exceed 500 megabytes. In typical usage this would be enough for 100ís of pages.

Q : Is there a limit to the number of products I can have in my shopping carts (on-line store)?
A : No. Our control panel supports unlimited categories for your products which each category allowing unlimited products. The only limit on this is all of your pages, files and products should not exceed 500 megabytes. In typical usage this would be enough for 1000ís of products.

Q : Is there a limit to the number of e-communications I can send?
A : We request that this is limited to no more than 2000 per month, if this is exceeded on multiple occasions, we will contact you, as we may need to discuss surcharges with you.

Q : Is there a limit to the number of visitors (hits) my web pages receive?
A : No, as long as your overall website and e-mail traffic does not exceed 3 gigabytes per month. Donít worry though as this would equate to tens of thousands of visitors to your website per month (depending on your page content). If you were to exceed this on a regular basis, we will contact you, as we may need to discuss surcharges with you.

Q : Is there a limit to the number of different shopping carts or managed content sections I can have?
A : No, you can have as many different types of product carts or managed content types as you wish. You can also have an unlimited number of display and listing types meaning different page, content or carts can be displayed differently.

Q : Can I keep my website should I choose to leave Bodwebs?
A : All of the content, layout and images are your property. The control panel itself will not be supplied to you as this remains the property of Bodwebs. You should discuss migration and management of your website with your new host. Regarding your domain name, this is also yours and you can take ownership of this at any time. We do not charge any admin fees for moving your domain name.

Q : So how come you can offer this service so cheap?
A : Here at Bodwebs we understand the constraints of low budgets. We pride ourselves on keeping our service we offer high and our prices low. The words cheap conjour up the image of nasty tacky designs and bad service, we pride ourselves on our work and certainly do not fit into this catagory. We do deliver cost effective, affordable website designs and hosting at competative rates but without compromise. Take a look at our portfolio and our testimonials to see what we can deliver for these prices and what our customers think.

If you still have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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