Bodwebs for high standard, cheap / affordable website design which is easily self maintained

Bodwebs is a small web design and hosting company. We are a couple from Northants with a mixture of both creative and technical skills.

We originated from friends asking us to create web sites for them. Whilst from a creative and artistic perspective, the web sites were exactly what our friends required, they lacked any simple way to update and change them. We developed a simple page editing system so that our friends could make basic changes their web sites.

One of friends said we should sell this, which sparked the idea as individually through both our hobbies and careers had the required skills for putting this together.

Knowing we did not have a admin system to edit pages that was robust or provided enough functionality to offer paying customers, we started work to create this. About 2 years after starting this and updating our friends web sites with newly built control panel, word of mouth from our friends began to get us enquiries and customers.

Whilst there are several “Content Management Systems” (CMS) already available in the market place, we wanted a system that was not only easy for our customers to use, but also as efficient as possible for us to make changes to our customers web sites to keep our customers costs down. We understand in the current climate everyone is on tight budgets and trying to keep cost to a minimum, but we all still have values and standards we like to uphold. Bodwebs sets itself very high standards but can still supply cheap / affordable website design, that is accessable to all and easily self maintained. Take a look at our help guides to have a look at the system in action. Feel free to browse our previous work in our portfolio to see the standard of work we can supply without breaking the bank.

Whilst the development program continues (and probably always will), we now have a feature packed Control Panel (CMS solution) fitting for most requirements whilst retaining the speed and simplicity to enhance and update web sites.

Bodwebs in-house developed Control Panel, included with our hosting package

Our creative skills have also increased as we have learnt new software skills including Flash and Vector based software.

Where to host our new products and services was a long decision as we wanted our customers web sites and E-Mail to work as well as it can. Having a back room infrastructure was not going to be good enough. After a lot of research, we now host our customers web sites on servers in large Data Centre in Maidenhead with multiple Gigabit backbones to the Internet. (Please see our Data Centre details).

Although our Control Panel now has an array of features and functionality one ethos has always remained and always will; we will never charge extras for extra functionality. Whichever package is best for you, ALL the functionality of our Control Panel is available and included for you. Being a small company, we rely heavily on “word of mouth” and want you to be happy with what we provide.

If you are looking for a Web/E-Mail solution and would simply like to discuss if we have the correct offering for you, please contact us.


Julie & Chris

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