`Simple Start` Website, Hosting & E-Mail solution

Our £189 `Simple Start` website design and hosting solution provides you with a uniquely designed website plus web pages, hosting, email and much more.

The key differences between this and our `Full Design` solution is that the site design in this package is a more simplistic `Banner` based design. You still get to choose colour schemes, where the menu is placed etc, but most of the design itself is within the banner at the top of the page.
The other key difference is that this option does not include the setup or configuration of the `Managed Content` or `Shopping Cart` functionality. These features are still available to you within the control panel along with a default set of templates, but any configuration work to these will charged at our `adhoc` rate.

We developed our `Simple Start` package to be a more cost effective way to have a web site solution without having to pay for complex functionality or a huge design project.

If you are happy with a simpler design and only have a small requirement for managed content or a single cart configuration, then this option would probably be the most cost effective way to proceed as Managed Content and Cart Configurations start from around £20 (depending on requirements).

Please contact us to discuss your requirements & needs, we can discuss the best option for you.

Please note that year 2 onwards you only need to pay for hosting to continue receiving all the benefits below with no extras or hidden charges.

Our `Simple Start` package includes the following:--

  • Bespoke banner based designed website uniquely designed for you.
  • 5 pages of content made for your website
  • Your own Website and email name (e.g. www.mycompany.co.uk and myname@mycompany.co.uk) plus 12 months web and email hosting.
  • 500 Megabytes of Disk Space (Plenty of space for lots of Pages, pictures, products etc)
  • 3 Gigabytes Monthly traffic allowance (enough for 1000’s of visitors per month to the average website)
  • Up to 5 different E-Mail accounts with unlimited forwarders, alias accounts and catch-all account if required. You can use desktop based e-mail (eg outlook), webmail (similar to hotmail) or a mixture of both.
  • Full use of our in-house developed Website control panel. This is setup for you with configuration and settings pre done ready for you (Excluding Managed Content and Shopping Carts).
Our general working method for our `Simple Start` package is as follows, but we are happy to work with you in a way that is right for you:--
  1. We discuss your requirements for your website (ie your needs, likes, dislikes, design ideas etc)
  2. We build a draft mock-up design for you get a idea of how your site could look and to ensure we understand your ideas, needs etc.
  3. After more discussions with you, changes etc, we end up with a draft site design you are completely happy with.
  4. We clean and polish this design and begin the Control Panel configuration process to prepare your new website to be as easy as possible to manage and maintain.
  5. Once the overall design is completed, it’s time to start adding content. We use our in-house Control Panel to create the individual pages and functionality of your new website, which you can view every step of the way.
  6. Once you are happy with this, we pass over details of the control panel so you have full control of your website.
If you require any more information or have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us for a chat. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction with much of our business coming from referrals. If we don’t think we can provide a website solution that’s great for you, we will tell you.

Regarding future additions and amendments to your website, your Control Panel makes this easy. If you would rather we made amendments for you, we provide this “adhoc” work at competitive rates with new pages costing from £3.75 per page depending on your requirements.

More information of whats included in our £189 website solutions
Bespoke banner based designed website uniquely designed for you.
Some of our customers already knew exactly how their website needed to look, some had brief ideas, whilst others were happy to leave the whole concept to us. We appreciate that having the right website is about understanding your wants, your needs and the overall portrayal for your business/organisation.
Up to 5 pages of content made for your website
This can be anything from static pages, On-line product carts, guestbooks, contact us pages, picture galleries or anything else you need. You can of course have as many pages on your website as you wish, the first pages that we build for you at the design stage (up to 5) are included. You can of course add as many as you wish without any extra cost. If you prefer us to add extra pages for you, we simply charge a competitive “adhoc” rate.
Your own Website/email name and 12 months hosting
We register and maintain your website and e-mail domain name (e.g. mycompany.co.uk) for you. Domain names need to be registered and renewed on a regular basis. This is included and will be renewed for you for as long as you remain a Bodwebs customer.
500 Megabytes of Disk Space
This is the amount of space that you use to hold your pages, pictures, emails etc. This is usually more than enough for most of our customers. If you require extra space, this is not a problem, we can provide this at competitive rates. Don’t worry about this, if you get near your limits, we will contact you early to discuss possible options.
3 Gigabytes Monthly traffic allowance
This is the amount of web and e-mail traffic that can pass to and from your website each month. If you have exceptionally large amounts of e-mails or attract tens of thousands of visitors, this may not be enough for you. Again, don’t worry as we will monitor this for you and contact you in advance if you are nearing your limits.
E-Mail accounts
You can have up to 5 different e-mail accounts (e.g. sales@mycompany.co.uk, accounts@mycompany.co.uk etc). You can also have a default account meaning anything-typed-here@mycompany.co.uk will still be sent to you.
Website control panel.
Whilst you are a customer of Bodwebs, you have a control panel attached to your website which controls all aspects of your websites content and functionality.

This is designed to be easy to use and allows you to manage and maintain all aspects of your website. All of the complex configurations and settings will all be configured and setup ready for you (Excluding Managed Content & Shopping Carts). Please visit our help and support or beginners guide sections to see how easy this is to use.

The Control Panel has lots of features and functions which are available for you to use within your website, some of this functionality is listed below:--

Menu system
Unlimited Pages simply organised within multi-tiered menu (up to 3 tiers). Easily add/maintain your website pages and content including pictures, forms, galleries etc

File Management
Easily upload your pictures and files to be used on your website with our in-build file manager. No complicated FTP accounts to configure or software download to learn. Files can be organised within folders and used throughout your website without needing to remember complication Web URL addresses.

Picture Galleries
Professionally styled picture galleries with dynamic click to enlarge. Simply choose which pictures you would like in your gallery and add text to each picture if you would like and the Control Panel will do the rest. Advanced options allow you change the thumbnail/full size sizes and the layout styles etc if required.

Choose from simple or complex slideshows. Both work the same, but complex slideshows gracefully fades images into one another. Simply choose which pictures you like and the Control Panel does the rest.

Shopping Carts
Categorise and sell your products on-line. Add/Edit or remove your products simply by choosing the category you wish your product to appear in. Type the product name, description, price and other required options. The Control Panel will automatically place your items on your website and allow your visitors to sort product lists, filter down different categories, search for products and automatically calculate delivery charges. You can choose a selection of payment options for your customers including PayPal.

Managed Content
Categorise and list content within your website, with full click through options for your visitors to filter down to their required content etc. Perfect to allow your visitors to drill-down or search for information/documents etc where you have lots of content or documents.

Locked Pages and content
Provide selected visitors with username and passwords to allow them access to selected areas, pages or content of your website. You can have multiple levels of security allowing different parts of your site accessible to different groups of visitors. You can secure almost anything on your site including pages, content, products and events etc *Please note, this feature is due for release in 2010

Website Diary
List your events diary online by easily adding items for the required day. Our control panel will then present this in a easy to read monthly view diary to your website visitors. *Please note, this feature is due for release in 2010

Allow your visitors to subscribe to your news, special offers or anything you like. Control Panel fully automates this process for you allowing multiple subscription items and fully automated and managed subscribe/unsubscribe options that require no interaction from yourself. You can obviously choose to add/remove subscribers as you wish.

E-Communications / E-Shots
Use your subscription lists to send bulk emails to your customers and prospects. Simply type your email subject, message and choose which subscriber lists you wish to send your e-mail to. Control Panel will then automatically personalise each email and send it to each of your chosen subscribers. Each recipient will receive a single personalised email with subscribe/unsubscribe options.

Contact Forms, News, Guest-books etc
Create a form for your visitors to contact you, sign guest-book etc by simply adding the required boxes in a list. Control panel automatically sets these out for your visitors to use. All forms submitted by your visitors are e-mailed to you or you can view/edit them from within your Control Panel. For guestbook etc where their posted messages are due to appear on your website, you can approve or disregard a message by a single click from the email notification you will receive. You can also view/edit and manage your web-site postings from within the control panel.

SEO / Content Auditing
Add words and phrases for your Control to Audit the occurrences of these throughout your website. This can be a useful tool as part of an SEO programme to improve Search Engine listings.

Visitor statistics
View summary reports of the number of visitors to your site and the number of pages viewed with options to “drill down” to see which pages are popular or even track each individual visitors navigation through your website.

If you require any further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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